Arlington Pet Hospital

225 north 3rd street
Arlington, NE 68002


Arlington Pet Hospital Externship Guidelines:


Arlington Pet Hospital has much to offer Veterinary Students looking for an exciting small animal externship. We are a busy 2 doctor practice located in Arlington Nebraska, approximately 30 miles Northwest of downtown Omaha. At Arlington Pet Hospital, students can expect a heavy surgical caseload as well as a wide variety of medical cases.  Veterinary students have the opportunity to strengthen their surgical skills by working with local shelters and rescues to help them Spay and Neuter their pets.


Coming Spring of 2021, we will be taking select Veterinary students on the road in our outfitted surgery trailer to local Reservations and areas where population control is needed and where veterinary care is scarce. Veterinary students will have the opportunity to work in the field Spaying and Neutering pets for the community. Selection for this position will be based on performance and skill in hospital.


Arlington Pet Hospital utilizes top of the line diagnostic equipment as well as regenerative therapies and medications. Quality and compassionate care are of the most important services our staff strives to provide each and every day. Below are some of the basic guidelines we ask our Veterinary Students to follow during their time at Arlington Pet Hospital. 


  • We will expect you to spend normal business hours at the clinic:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday {7:00 am - 6:00pm}
    • Wednesday {7:00 am - 4:00 pm}
  • We ask that you help with the everyday jobs such as walking dogs, cleaning kennels, administering treatments, cleaning up equipment, laundry etc.
  • Scrubs or smocks must be worn everyday as well as non-porous shoes.
  • We would like to provide you with as much hands-on experience as possible. However, your exposure will vary depending on the time of year and nature of the cases/jobs presented as well as your experience level. We will determine your level of “hands-on” participation in each case/job as it arises.
  • Cell Phones - You are allowed to check your phone as needed, however, please be courteous and respectful. Avoid being on your phone in the presence of clients. They are only to be used if 100% necessary. 


Ask questions and get involved! Your learning is up to you! Arlington Pet Hospital is here to help you grow as a new Veterinarian and aid in ensuring your success.